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Helping you make great eating effortless! Explore our selection of vibrant vegan recipes, curated by us to give you inspiration for how you can use our sprinkles, mayos and croutons to pimp your salad, jacket potato, casseroles, toast and much more.

Buddha Bowls | Super Seeds Sprinkles

Buddha Bowl Topped with Super Seeds Sprinkles
Eat the rainbow! these nutrient packed Buddha bowls are perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner at home. Top with our Super Seeds for a boost of protein, healthy fats, savoury flavour and crunch!

Easy Vegan Pesto Sauce | Hemp Parmesan

Easy Vegan Pesto Sauce | Hemp Parmesan | Nut-Free Cheese

This vegan pesto sauce by @nm_meiyee is healthy, delicious and so easy to make. Use our plant protein packed Hemp Parmesan to take it to the next leve and serve it with all your favourite dishes!

Vegan Kale Pizza | Hemp Parmesan and Kale Chips

Homemade Vegan Pizza Topped with Hemp Parmesan and Kale Chips | Vegan Diet

Our idea of the perfect pizza! Enjoy the healthy and delicious recipe by @nm_meiyee packed with flavour and nutrients – and don't forget to top it with our Hemp Parmesan and Kale Chips for extra flavour and vegan cheesiness!